gateshead district energy scheme


Clancy Docwra

The Brief

d3associates were commissioned by Clancy Docwra to undertake the design of the Gateshead District Energy Scheme heating network as part of a design build project for Gateshead Council. The pipe
network stretches over 7km, from the south bank of the Tyne into central Gateshead to serve public buildings, businesses and social housing tower blocks. The overall project represents a £14M energy scheme; the Energy Centre includes two 2MW gas fired CHP units to provide electricity and heat for customers in the district.

d3associates provided advice regarding the design requirements, the programme and the key technical project risks. The ‘pre construction’ activities included the detailed design of the 3D pipe network route utilising Ground Probing Radar and Trial Hole survey data; preparation of the network P&ID’s and development of the commissioning and testing plan. This work also included establishing a ‘proved route’ for a major road crossing near to the Tyne Bridge.

The 3D pipe route design together with the P&ID’s enabled the network to be thermally and hydraulically modelled to confirm the suitability of the design and to assess the pipe stress and surge conditions, which determine the design requirements for pipe movement and thermal expansion.

The route for the heat distribution system required careful consideration to ensure the network design met the required energy demand at the customer buildings. The network design optimises the velocities within the pipeline and temperature profiles to ensure the availability of sufficient energy for the end users.  Excessive velocities are avoided in the network as these increase the required operating pressures, energy consumption and consequently operating cost.

The Outcome

The project programme was developed establishing clear milestones and periods for client review of design proposals. Other design management plans produced for the project include the Project Quality Plan and the Project Execution Plan.   
d3associates are also providing the Principal Designer role for the project in accordance with the CDM (2015) Regulations.