Bullion Hall Management Committee

The Brief

d3associates was appointed to support Bullion Hall who have been successful in obtaining a COMA Pre Feasibility Grant. The aim of this study was to provide information for the Bullion Hall Management Committee to enable it to assess the long term sustainability of the Hall, as the Committee consider the impact of potential changes to the current lease under the Durham County Council (DCC) Asset Transfer programme.

The work undertaken within tight time constraints considered the maintenance liabilities and building running costs. This was followed by consultation with the user groups and the development of a series of building layout options, including architectural plans to improve the delivery of services and provide a sustainable revenue stream.

The key objectives were to assess the needs of the community, and to produce viable options for remodelling the internal layout and extending the building, along with supporting cost analysis and revenue projections for each option.

The Outcome

The results were presented in a detailed business plan, complete with alternative cash flow forecasts, which was used to support a successful Community Asset Transfer bid. Following this d3associates assisted with a new application for funding to take the project forward to the detailed design stage.

By working closely with the Bullion Hall management committee, we were able to actively support them in the asset transfer process, by assessing the functionality of building, community requirements and developing building solutions supported by business and financial plans.